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The total tuition cost for the full Montessori certification program is $6,500.

There is a tuition deposit of $500 due with your application. This deposit is fully refunded if you are not accepted into the program. $200 is refundable in case of withdrawal prior to May 15. The deposit is not refundable in case of withdrawal from the program after May 15.

Payment Plans

We have designed several tuition payment plans in order to accommodate individual circumstances and provide as much assistance with financial matters as possible. The plans below apply when the course is taken all in one year.

Plan 1


$500 with application
$6000. payable on or before June 1


Plan 2


$500 with application
$4000 due by June 1
$2100 due by Sept. 1


As indicated in the figures above, there is an additional charge of $100 for this payment plan.

Plan 3


$500 with application
$3075 due by June 1
$3075 due by Sept. 1


There is an additional charge of $150 for this payment plan.

Plan 4


$500 with application
$2000 due by June 1
$2000 due by July 15
$250 due by the first day of each month, September thru May (9 x $250= $2250).


There is an additional charge of $250 for this payment plan.

Other Plans

It is possible to create a tuition payment plan different from any suggested above, and there are other tuition payment plans for students who take the course in more than one year.

Please contact the office for further information.


All fees are included in the tuition, including student membership and all certification fees to the American Montessori Society and the Montessori Accreditation Commission for Teacher Education (MACTE).

There are no additional tuition charges for the January and June seminars.

Books and Supplies

Students are responsible for purchasing the required texts.These are mostly Montessori books which are available in paperback, and detailed information and book order forms are provided when you apply.

Throughout the course, students receive an extensive compilation of resource material that has been developed by staff members and is not otherwise available in print. There is no additional fee for this material.

We also provide an extensive resource library of current titles related to all areas of Montessori study, child development, and education as well as a complete selection of video tapes.

Payment Plans

Tuition payment plans are outlined above.

A paid practicum provides income while studying. The amount of the stipend for the practicum varies according to the school and the qualifications of the student, and it is often possible to make extra money by assuming additional responsibilities at the school. Since the practicum requirement is for one session each day, students sometimes find it possible to maintain other part-time employment as well.

A limited number of partial scholarships is available from the AMS scholarship fund. Awards are based on need and are very competitive. The AMS deadline for scholarship application is May 1, and you must already be enrolled in a teacher certification program to apply. This means NEMTEC must have your completed application by April 1. Further information is available by calling the NEMTEC office.

"The word education must not be understood in the sense of teaching but of assisting the psychological development of the child." - Maria Montessori

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Classes are held at Walnut Park Montessori School
47 Walnut Park
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617 877-4849
Email: MaterialCo@aol.com

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