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# About Us Each member of the faculty has been carefully selected based upon the ability to provide expert instruction as well as their enthusiasm for working with adults and facilitating learning and development. We have worked well together for years and understand the importance of the diversity we offer in experience and personalities.

BONNIE LAMOTHE, the program founder and director, has been active in Montessori teacher education since 1973. After teaching in public school, she earned her AMS certification and a Master's in Early Childhood Education from Xavier University. Bonnie has served AMS as head of the AMS Teachers' Section, member of the teacher education committee, and AMS consultant for schools. She is an adjunct faculty member of Lesley University Graduate School.

She has experience starting and teaching in her own Montessori schools and developing Montessori programs in public schools.

In addition to her work in Boston, Bonnie has directed Montessori courses and workshops in several international sites, including Japan, Latvia, and Costra Rica and has traveled extensively. She is the founder and president of The Materials Company of Boston.

AMY ANDREWS received her B.A. in child psychology from Ithaca College and is a Master's candidate in Early Childhood Education. She has AMS early childhood certification and several years of Montessori teaching experience at the early childhood level. She presently teaches at The Montessori School in East Providence, RI. Amy brings additional experience in developing before-school, after-school, and full-day programs.

CLAIRE DOODY has been involved with Montessori since 1982, first as a parent and later as a teacher. Claire received her M.Ed. in early childhood and her AMS Montessori teacher certification from Xavier University. She taught in several Montessori schools before starting her own Montessori school in Amherst, NH in 2001.

Claire also holds a Masterís degree in communication and human relations and has extensive experience teaching at the college level. She resides in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.

ERIN GALVIN GUTIERREZ pursued a career as a geologist for several years, specializing in marine studies and environmental geology. While teaching oceanography to adults, she realized her passion for teaching and her interest in young childrenís development. She holds AMS teacher certification and a Masterís in education, and is the author of a science curriculum for Montessori early childhood settings.

LORI JARZYNIECKI is a seasoned Montessori early childhood teacher. In addition to her B.A. in biology, she holds an Early childhood AMS credential and is Director I/Lead teacher certified by Massachusetts. She has had teaching and administrative experience in a variety of Montessori programs for children as well as adults, including her position as trustee for a private Montessori school. Lori is presently a lead teacher at Meeting House Montessori School in her hometown of Braintree, MA.

SHARLEEN McCORRISTER holds a B.A. in religious studies and archaeology from the University of Ottawa in addition to her AMS Montessori certification. She has extensive teaching experience in Montessori settings since 1985, including positions as art curriculum coordinator and teacher of French as a second language. Sharleen in also a certified Reiki master teacher trainer. She is presently a head teacher at Cambridge Montessori School.

JODY McLELLAN has AMS early childhood certification and a B.S. in Education from Northeastern University. As the wife of a career U.S. Marine Corps officer, she has traveled throughout the world and has continued to teach in Montessori settings wherever she has been. While in Japan, she was instrumental in developing the AMS early childhood course and served as the on-site coordinator. Jody also has a history with Montessori as a parent of two children who attended Montessori schools. She lives in Virginia and devotes her time to her family, Montessori teaching, and raising and showing Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

STEPHEN CHEVALIER PUTNAM brings extensive experience in administration and development to Montessori school programs. He is AMS certified at both early childhood and elementary levels and has taught in a variety of Montessori private schools, including year-round all-day programs.

He is presently the educational director and lead teacher at the elementary level at Meeting House Montessori School, the school he founded in Braintree, MA in 1993.

AMY RICE holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Rhode Island and her AMS Early Childhood Montessori certification and has taught since 1989.

She is presently a head teacher at Windswept Montessori School in Rhode Island.

Amy enjoys sports and was a member of the United States Triathlon Team in 1996. In addition to her training schedule and her Montessori teaching, Amy's life revolves around her husband and young daughter.


Guest lecturers are invited to offer specialty workshops on various topics throughout the course. These workshops are planned and coordinated according to the needs and interests of the students. We also enjoy discussion groups with visiting Montessori professionals throughout the summer.


Student participation in leading workshops and discussion groups is encouraged. It is usual for us to have several international students each year, for example, and there is always interest in learning more about the roles of teacher and student, parent and child in another culture. Some students have already developed successful careers in other fields before enrolling for their Montessori certification, while others have insights derived from age and life experience to share. We value this diversity and are aware of the importance of providing for dialogue among members of the group.

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Classes are held at Walnut Park Montessori School
47 Walnut Park
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617 877-4849
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