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# About Us Applicants for a combined program must be accepted to both New England Montessori Center and the other school involved. Students in combined programs take the Montessori course as usual, and then complete the additional credits necessary for the degree through the college granting the degree.


The New England Montessori Teacher Education Center, in coordination with Lesley University (in Cambridge,MA) offers an elective program leading to a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Massachusetts State Teaching Certification along with the AMS Montessori credential.

Enrollment at Lesley University for this option is available to graduates of the Montessori course, who receive thirty-six life experience credits for the Montessori course. It is possible to transfer other college credits into Lesley as well, leaving less than a year of study at Lesley for the degree.


We are also very pleased to offer an elective program with Lesley University Graduate School leading to a Master's Degree in Education along with Montessori certification.

Enrollment at Lesley University for the graduate option occurs at the same time as enrollment in the Montessori course so a highly individualized program can be designed for each applicant.

This is an especially exciting option for our students because it may be done from anywhere in the country on an independent study basis!

For further information, please contact us. We will assist in the application process as well as the coordination of the program on an individual basis.

College Transfer Credits

The New England Montessori Teacher Education Center will also assist any student seeking graduate and/or undergraduate credit at their college or university for work completed through the New England Montessori Center. In the past, most students seeking credits for their Montessori courses have been successful in transferring such credit to their schools. We have compiled course descriptions, hours, and a transcript which will provide colleges and universities with appropriate information for credit transfer.

"Whoever touches the child touches the vital and delicate point where all can be renewed, where all is pulsating with life, where the secrets of the soul lay hidden..." - Maria Montessori

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